Handmade in California. Use your bike more and drive your car less. 

Changing the world one ride at a time with a cargo bicycle made in Silicon Valley for Silicon Valley

Sitting in a car watching a traffic light change from red to green and back again before you have a chance to travel through is normal behavior. So is spending time you will never get back searching for a place to temporarily store your vehicle when you head to your favorite shop or restaurant. And we're willing to bet that at least once in your life you have been on the phone with an automobile mechanic imitating a noise your car shouldn't be making.

The Box Bike is much simpler than your car and its cargo capacity makes it easier for you to #LeaveTheCarTakeTheBicycle more. Riding a Box Bike - like riding any bicycle - brings you closer to nature, to your community, and to better health. 

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The Box Bike - Transportation for the modern world





Tools, children, groceries, surfboards, tables, chairs, cargo - the Box Bike can do it.

Electric Assist (optional)
If you live in a hilly area or just want some extra oomph, electric assist on a cargo bike makes sense. You still pedal but the assist gives you a boost to make it feel like you are riding a "normal" bike.
Comfortable Upright Riding Position
Sit upright and enjoy life even more. This bike is designed to be adjustable and accommodate aggressive bros who like to fantasize about winning road races whole riding and the rest of us who like to sit upright and see the world.
High Quality Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Every bike includes reliable hydraulic disc brakes because anything less on a cargo bike is simply not enough.

Coming Soon! 


                                               Frame Material

 TIG welded steel (4130 Chromoly and Mild Steel)
Load Capacity 350 lbs combined (i.e. 150 lbs rider and 200 lbs load)
Wheels 20" front and rear (406 mm) with Schwalbe Big Apple tires
Electric Assist (optional) 36V 500W geared front hub motor
Brakes hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
Gears 48 tooth chain ring and 11-34 tooth 9 speed cassette (approximately 89 to 28 gear inches)
Wheel Base 1830 mm (72 inches)
Overall Length 2300 mm (90.5 inches)
Width 585 mm (23 inches)

T-shirts, Caps, Stickers

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Watch our review on Electric Bike Review

"Leave the car. Take the bicycle." 

Every mile you drive your car brings you a mile closer to an expensive repair - to say nothing of the daily costs as gasoline goes in and CO2 comes out. A Box Bike is not only better for the environment in terms of the air we breath and the water we drink, but better for our physical environment as well. Bicycles take up less space on the road than cars, demand less space in your garage than a second car would, and is much easier to park at your favorite coffee shop. So leave the car and take the bicycle today!

"Our whole family loves the Box Bike"

Megan Caspers, mother of 3

"Look Ma, no car! I can drop the kids off at school and then go for a group ride on my road bike."

Kelli Horner

"This bike is my new car. It actually makes preschool pickup and drop-off fun for both me and my kid! It's great for my ride to work, too, especially if I have some extra stuff to schlep or just need that little extra electric boost to get me there & back. I can haul groceries, packages, two kids, or even my husband; and the motor means I get to decide how much I want to sweat. I highly recommend this bike if your regular commuting or shopping routine needs a little shake-up; suddenly your means of transportation will bring a giddy smile to your face!"

Deb Henigson
based in San Jose, CA